I invested in cryptocurrency with $2000 and no research — I win!

Shane Beattie
2 min readAug 13, 2021

Cryptocurrency is all the rage. I don’t understand it, and when I looked it up on YouTube, I didn’t learn anything. I got more confused. Regardless, I purchased various currencies because, hey, why not if you have some spare change? After three seconds of Googling “best cryptocurrency platforms,” I found Coinbase. I added $2000 to the account and picked a random set of crypto in hopes of something big. It’s definitely gambling, but if you allocate money to burn, like buying unnecessary things as we ALL do, I don’t feel bad losing it all.

If you have recommendations, I don’t want them. I am holding forever.

I know that the “crypto-gurus” will look at my disbursements and recommend different areas to invest in, but honestly, I’d save your opinion. I plan to let this bad boy sit for 10 years and see what I get. It’ll either be $0, the same amount, or $500,000. Who knows. I know everyone will say that it’ll skyrocket soon, but I won’t believe it until I see it.

With that all being said, I present to you my purchases:

Crypto investing, like card collecting, playing poker, and even the stock market, are gambling. I understand that. But if I put in an amount I’m okay with losing, you shouldn’t be concerned. My “method” wasn’t a method at all. I looked at each pretty color and insignia and placed money based on how much I liked it, except for Ethereum. My uncle said to invest in it, so I put my majority shares in it. Bitcoin is stupidly expensive, so I invested a hefty $75.

This article isn’t meant to provide any insights. Instead, I took a chance to see what happens. Blind betting is something I condone; I just had some extra cash, so instead of buying Airmax 90s on GOAT, I decided to do this. I hope you enjoyed it!

Shane Beattie

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